Beside bikes we also rent:
Snowboard Sets
Ice Scates
Cross-country skiing  and Skating
Sales and Purchase
You want to sell your used sports equipment? We are the right place for you.
Our range on used spotrs equipment contains:
Kite equipment: fly kite, tube kite, boards, buggy
Bows  with accessory and  crossbows
Fishing equipment: fresh water and open sea
Golfing equipment and accessories
Sailboarding and accessories
Knifes for sports and leisure
Historical collector's items
Fahrräder aus dem Verleih, von E-Bikes bis zum Einrad können nach einer Saison für 50% des Neupreises erworben werden.
Vorrätig zwischen 60 - 80 Stück
We sell all  kinds of bikes from rental  (E-bikes - unicycles) after the saison for 50% of the original price
Available 60 - 80 bikes