TODOS The Shop
We buy and sell sports articles
Beside of renting bikes and trading with new and used sports articles we offer a broad range of other products, unique pieces and collector's items.
We have used bikes for children and teens, BMX bikes ,  7 gear  26" and 28", touring bikes 21/24 gear for ladies and men, mountain bikes (KTM, Corratecc, Steiger, Connendale, etc.) Crouser, Tandems, folding bikes Dahon and other labels, oldtimer.
Spare parts for bikes  and accessories
Everything around the bike  - new and used. Have a look to our big selection.
Bikes, skates, snowboards, all around golfing, tennis,diving, fitness, from time to time bike/MTB-single components from equipments are available. TODOS offers not only used articles, but also many stocklots from new sports articles, samples and presentation models for very reasonable prices.
Sports Articles
Find used articles for water sports, kajak, sailboarding, golf, tennis, diving etc.
TODOS also means friendly, competent and fast service. Before we sell used bikes and other sports articles, we check them. And if anything is not working, we repair it at once.